Our Security

Providing you with peace of mind

At the heart of the FlexiPurchase solution is some of the most advanced internet security protection available. That's because we understand that providing a safe and secure platform for you to manage your organisation's expenses is critical to your business security.

We pride ourselves on our world-class security infrastructure and invest heavily in the latest techniques and programmes to ensure your company's information is always protected.


Important interactions with FlexiPurchase are all performed under 128-bit SSL encryption - the highest level of encryption available over the internet and the financial industry standard.

FlexiPurchase also goes a step beyond SSL encryption and uses ANSI X9.52 Triple DES for all internal encryption. The mode of operation used for TDES is Cipher Block Chaining [CBC] and involves a highly complex TDES key chain operation providing FlexiPurchase with leading-edge data protection.

For more information on the TDES and encryption standards utilised by FlexiPurchase please refer to: US National Institute of Standards & Technology Paper 800-67

Physical Security

The FlexiPurchase internet service is physically housed in a high security hosting facility and is managed by their professional hosting and security team.

One of the many components protecting the FlexiPurchase service is an active monitored firewall service, which provides Spendvision with a comprehensive solution for securing its network access. Dedicated security specialists provide full day-to-day management of all firewalls used to protect FlexiPurchase.

We are also protected by a Managed Intrusion Protection Service which supplements our firewall protection by quietly monitoring network and server traffic, watching for suspicious activity and stopping attacks in progress.

By strategically placing intrusion detection sensors within the FlexiPurchase network, security operations experts can manage the devices around the clock, proactively watching for security violations or misuse that originates from inside or outside the network. Alarms automatically signal suspicious activity, prompting quick response and escalation as required.

Independent Audits

Ensuring our security standards remain world-leading, Spendvision our partner proactively commission independent security audits on a regular basis. These audits are used to detect emerging weaknesses, no matter how small, due to changing security trends and alerts within the internet and financial environments.

These auditors are independent and focus on a full range of areas including physical hardware security, software security, internal business polices and guidelines.